Weddings Services

Our commitment is to go beyond your expectations.

You can rest assured that your wedding and/or honeymoon is going to receive the detailed attention it deserves.

When booking a destination wedding group you will receive a wide range of complimentary services

Your Wedding Package Includes:
  • Your initial consultation.
  • A written wedding proposal with complete details, including price, resort amenities, travel insurance, wedding requirements and inclusions.
  • Initial contact with the wedding co-coordinator at the resort.
  • Customized destination wedding inserts for you to send to your invited guests (when your guests receive their invitations they can contact our office directly to make arrangements, no hassles for the wedding couple!)
For your Wedding Group:
  • Free upgrade for Bride & Groom*
  • For every 16 passengers booked receive a complimentary passenger*

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Your Choice Destination Weddings

A wedding in an exotic location far from home can be the most romantic wedding of all however; it does require special care and handling.

At UNIGLOBE Travel, we have a team of experts to help ensure your important plans go just right.

All the details are handled ahead of time using either UNIGLOBE preferred hotels that have an onsite wedding coordinator or through reputable local wedding companies in destinations that have proven track records with us.

Our expertise is of value and benefit to clients throughout North America. With toll free calling, fax, email and the internet, we can handle your special plans from any departure city to any destination in the world.

Services Available:
  • Initial one-on-one telephone or office consultation to discuss the perfect destination for you and your fiancé.
  • Suggestions of resorts where previous clients have enjoyed success.
  • Coordination of wedding events with the onsite wedding coordinator at the resort or private company in recommended destination.
  • Details of paperwork and VISAs (if any) that may be required for the destination.
  • Assistance in planning the honeymoon registry.
  • Professionally prepared package of vacation documents.

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Romantic Travel Inclusions

Our commitment is to go beyond your expectations by providing you with additional services that will make your dream wedding or honeymoon extraordinary.

Our Wedding Services Includes:
  • All of the inclusions as listed above
  • Dedicated Destination Wedding & Group Specialist
  • Invitations inserts
  • Beverage vouchers for all passengers*
  • Executive/club class upgrade for the Bride & Groom**
Our Honeymoon Services Include:
  • One-on-one personal consultation
  • Basket of fruit and a bottle of wine upon arrival*
  • Gift registry cards Honeymoon registry
  • Room upgrade**

*Participating suppliers only.** Subject to availability.

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Gift Registry

The Problem
Couples getting married often find that they already have the household items that are traditional wedding gifts. Friends and family often have difficulty finding that perfect wedding gift.

The Solution
Does a tropical getaway, European honeymoon or an African Safari sound more appealing to you than the usual wedding gifts of toasters, salad spinners and china? Couples can register not only for airfare and hotel, but also any activities that they are interested in. These activities can include breakfast in bed, snorkeling, scuba diving, golfing, a night out on the town and much, much more! Or perhaps special gift items that will compliment their honeymoon - such as luggage, travel clothing, travel books or travel accessories.

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Important out of the Country Marriage requirements

Foreign countries have varying rules as to the legalities of matrimony. While researching the rules and regulations of any particular area be sure to keep these points in mind:

  • Decide what country you want to be married in. Research the requirements for a wedding license in the country you select prior to your trip.
  • Be prepared to have your documents translated into that country's native language. As it may be required prior to applying for your license.
  • Plan ahead, since some countries require a minimum residency from one to seven days before you qualify for a license there.
  • Find out in advance if the country requires blood tests.
  • If either of you has been married before, bring any divorce or death certificates with you to prove that your prior marriage has ended.
  • Obtain other specific details about the country requirements from that country's foreign embassy or from your UNIGLOBE travel agent.
  • Understand that you must follow the rules of the foreign country, even if they differ from those within Canada. The validity of your marriage in Canada depends on your compliance with these foreign laws.
  • You might have to arrange for witnesses for your ceremony if you and your partner are travelling alone.
Our Wedding Services Includes:

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